International Association for Computer Information Systems
Saturday, May 18, 2024

IACIS Abstract Guidelines

Please follow the guidelines for submitting an abstract for presentation at the IACIS Conference and for publication in the IACIS Conference Proceedings. Please use appropriate headings for segments C through F. Please use 12 point type and one inch margins, with headings in bold.

A. Paper Title (center)

B. Authors, affiliations and e-mail addresses (center, one author per line)

C. Describe the proposed/completed study. Limit to one paragraph (Left justify)

  • Briefly describe the issue, topic or problem that is the basis of the research.
  • Briefly describe why this is an important topic for IACIS conference participants.

D. Explain the basis of the study. Limit to two paragraphs (Left justify)

  • What is the source of data being collected?
  • How is the data to be processed?
  • What is the data analysis expected to show?
  • Or, if no primary data, what does a review of the literature show?

E. Discuss the implications. Limit to one paragraph. (Left justify)

F. Provide conclusions. Limit to one paragraph. May be combined in a paragraph with implications (Left justify)

G. References used/cited

Limit your abstract to no more than two pages total, including heading information. Please do a careful edit for grammar, structure and spelling.