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What is JCIS?

The Journal for Computer Information Systems (JCIS) is a highly rated quarterly peer reviewed academic journal. It serves as a forum for the International Association of Computer Information Systems members and other academics and information systems and business professionals to present their research and ideas. Each issue provides a wealth of timely and informative articles.

For more information on JCIS, please visit the link below.

What is IIS?

Issues in Information Systems (IIS) is a refereed, serial publication of IACIS that is registered with the US Library of Congress (ISSN 1529-7314) and listed in the Eighth Edition of Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management & Marketing; and Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Computer Science & Business Information Systems. IIS is published in two volumes in the fall of the year. All submissions to IIS are double-blind refereed.

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What is the difference between IIS and JCIS?

Both the Journal of Computer Information Systems (JCIS) and Issues in Information Systems (IIS) are publications of IACIS. JCIS is different from IIS in that JCIS is the premier official journal publication of IACIS, which is published quarterly. JCIS applies a much more rigorous and lengthy review process, and it is more selective in the articles it publishes. The acceptance rate for JCIS is 8-10%, whereas the acceptance rate for IIS is over 40%. Whereas IIS is published once a year in conjunction with an annual conference, JCIS is published every three months. The manuscripts selected for publication in IIS are expected to be presented at the IACIS Annual Conference.

Can I resubmit a manuscript accepted for publication in IIS to JCIS?

No. JCIS accepts only research papers that are original work, no part of which has been submitted for publication elsewhere (except as brief abstracts). If authors submit an abstract to the conference, which if accepted will be published in the Proceedings, they can submit a full paper (based on that abstract) for review to JCIS. However, if they submit a full paper to the conference and that paper is accepted, their paper will be published in Issues in Information Systems and could not be published again in JCIS or any other journal. Material published in IIS by the authors before submission to any journal is considered prior publication.

How can I recommend JCIS to my library?

It is important that the work published in JCIS reach the widest audience possible. One means to accomplish this is by making the Journal available in libraries. Libraries and other organizational subscriptions can subscribe using this form or contact one of the editors. You can Recommend JCIS to Your Library via the linked form.

Your library can use the following link to join:

Can I submit a manuscript to be reviewed for publication in JCIS?

Yes. Journal editors have developed a set of submission guidelines to assure format consistency for all manuscripts sent to reviewers. To view the Manuscript Submission Policies and Guidelines, please follow the link below:

Authors may review the JCIS suggested topics available at:

How do I submit my manuscript to JCIS?

Authors may submit their finished work for possible review/publication to the Editor via the JCIS Paper and Review Submission System found at the link below:

How long will it take for my manuscript to be reviewed?

Manuscripts will be reviewed by the JCIS Screening Committee within two weeks from submission. The Editor-in-Chief will contact the corresponding author with news of whether or not the submission will be advanced to the first round of blind reviews (or is being rejected as not suitable for publication in the journal). Typically, the blind review process takes approximately eight to twelve weeks. The JCIS does not process any submission that does not comply with the requirements found in the submission guidelines.

What is the editorial review board for JCIS?

The JCIS Editorial Review Board consists of volunteer colleagues in the academic community that provide valuable service to the Journal by evaluating the strength, quality, and excellence of the papers submitted to be published in the journal. To access the list of editorial review board volunteers, visit the link below:

Can I join the JCIS editorial review board?

Yes, If you would like to join and serve on the JCIS Editorial Review Board, please send an abbreviated CV to JCIS@IACIS.ORG. While it is not possible to accept all editorial review board applicants, openings often occur.

How do I review JCIS forthcoming articles?

In an effort to reach a wide population of scholars, upcoming article titles are listed on the web site. To view articles that have been accepted to appear in future issues of JCIS, please visit the link below:

What are the anticipated publication dates of the forthcoming JCIS papers?

To view the anticipated dates for publication of JCIS forthcoming JCIS papers (title only), please visit the link below: